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April 28th April 2017

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Fresh Fingers is a foot deodorant spray with antifungal agent. Why should you need it? This product is great for eliminating fun and all its unpleasant and dangerous consequences.

If you want to know how to find out if you have this fungus, check out this list of symptoms:

If you have all or one of these symptoms, you probably suffer from fungicosis: it is not just a cosmetic problem, it is a serious problem that could favour infectious diseases. You can ask your trusted pharmacist for a specific product, and you will be happy to spend a fortune on a product that may not work. Why risk? Try this spray and you'll be amazed!

This incredible product has seven main effects against your fungal disease:

Fresh Fingers is able to penetrate through any type of skin layer, whether rough or thin. For this reason, you can use it safely even if your mycotic disease has progressed. In addition, if you want to use this product only as a condom measure, you can do so without any problems. It has no side effect!

This product is safe and does not fail a blow. If you're looking for other online reviews be careful, as some people have reported with anger that the spray didn't work just because they couldn't use it properly! Other people were not patient enough and did not even wait for the call center to call them and send them the product.


This product is probably the simplest solution for those who can't find them! You just need to spray the product on your feet every day and let it work. Repeat this operation after washing your feet if you want to get faster results. Pay attention to detail: cover all areas of the feet, without exception. After all, Achilles' mother was unknowingly shrewd with her son's foot and how did she end up? Joking! But the feet are a really important part of our body and should be treated accordingly.

Of course, your mycosis will never go away if you continue to use contaminated shoes. Disinfect them with lemon juice or specific disinfectants, if possible, or simply buy a new pair.

Pharmacies do not currently have the product in stock and may also be unable to order it. However, the internet is your friend in this, as you will be able to buy this spray from the official Fresh Fingers website.

At the bottom of the brand website there is a simple dialog box in which you can select your country and fill out the forms with your name and phone. Getting to Fresh Finger is easy!

If you buy it from the official website, the product costs only 39€. Sellers worry about their customers and have decided to apply a 50% discount!

Carlo, employee, 50 years old. 

I went to the pool some time ago, after a long period of absence, and suddenly happened. My feet had become terribly itchy, with frightening white soles peeled everywhere. After a brief conversation with a pharmacist, I found out that he was, unfortunately, the mycosis. I searched the web for a quick and simple cure, because I hate the medications: in this way I came across Fresh Fingers, and decided to try it out. Best day of my life! My feet always feel clean and fragrant and the symptoms of mycosis have already disappeared! I'm sure he will soon go away once and for all.

Nadia, swimmer, 24 years old 

I am a swimmer and practically alive in the pool. That place is my life! The only drawback is that not everyone cares about hygiene in the same way: two months ago I forgot my flip flops at home (I was in a hurry!) and strolled smoothly on the tile floor of the pool. What a mistake that has been! I was given a serious mycosis that categorically refused to leave until I went to my doctor and had a prescription. After that experience I didn't want to risk again: I heard about Fresh Finger and decided to buy it and use it every day. Now I feel clean and safe when I go swimming!

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